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Walkera Dragonfly 22E Electric RC Helicopter

Walkera Dragonfly 22E Electric RC Helicopter

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$119.88 $98.92

Product Description

  • 6-Channel 3D CCPM Ready-to-Fly
  • Full 6-Channel Helicopter and Radio Control
  • **3D Aerobatics. Capable of inverted flight!**
    Powered by LIPO Battery
  • Complete Set (Helicopter + Radio Control + LIPO Battery + Charger)
  • + One Heat Sink for the Main Motor (FREE AS BONUS)
  • + One Heat Sink for the Tail Motor (FREE AS BONUS)
  • + an Extra Set of Main Blades (FREE AS BONUS)
  • + an Extra Set of Tail Blade (FREE AS BONUS)
  • + Allen Wrench Set (FREE  AS BONUS)
  • + General Flight Manual (FREE  AS BONUS. Available Only From Us)  
  • Helicopter is already assembled. You can Fly It Now.
  • *New aluminum enhanced rotor head. More crash resistant*

You will get 2 heat sinks (for main motor and tail motor) for free.
How will the heat sinks improve the performance:
  • 1. Heat sinks will help the motors emit heat quickly. They will keep the motors cool.
  • 2. When the temperature of the motors are lower, they run more efficiently. You get more flight time for each charge of the battery.
  • 3. Motors last much longer when their operation temperature is lower.

General Flight Manual (Free, Only from Us) The manual will help you take off as soon as possible, and fly the helicopter as long as possible. There are a lot of useful tips and knowledge in this manual:
  • How to maintain the helicopter to keep it in better condition, so you can fly it longer.

  • How to configure the transmitter and helicopter, so you can make it in the air as soon as possible.

  • How to land the helicopter.

  • Flight basics. Flight school.

  • How to change parts.

  • How to play the helicopter safely.

  • Troubleshooting.

  • Main rotor diameter:  22''
  • Tail rotor diameter:  6''
  • Overall length:  23''
  • Overall height:  8''
  • All-up weight:  374g (battery included)
  • Driven system: 370 carbon brush motor
  • Battery: 11.1V/800mAh LIPO Battery

  • More Stable hover and 3D aerobatics capacity (inverted flight).
  • CCPM mode (Collective, Cyclic, Pitch, Mixing). 3D conversion and alterable pitch system.
  • Highly efficient tail motor with elaborate structure. The New 22E tail motor outperforms previous models
  • 370 carbon brush motor as main power. Motor-transmitted tail rotor system.
  • 6-channel multifunctional transmitter. 6-channel 4-in-1 receiver circuit board in the helicopter.
  • Transmitter with 3D conversion. PIT and PLT adjusting knob. complete control of Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down operations.
  • Transmitter with mode-lock switch. Modified PIT and PLT parameter lockable.
  • 9g servo and build-in gyro.
  • Lightweight body built with strong materials. Durable Landing skids and Tail Boom made of Aluminum material.

Item Inluded:
  • Pre-assembled Walkera 22E RC Helicopter
    - 3 x 9 g servo.
    - Speed mixer and gyro board 
    - 370SD carbon brush motor.
    - 4-in-1 receiver board.
  • 6-cahnnel reversible transmitter
  • 11.1V/800mAh LIPO battery
  • 110-240V Balanced LIPO charger.
  • One pair of extra main blades (FREE).
  • Micro Allen Wrench set (FREE).
  • Manufacturer's manual.
  • General Flight Manual. Necessary for beginners. Available ONLY from us.