F-35 64mm Electric Ducted Fan Radio Control Jet Ready-To-Fly  $295.00  $199.97  - Sale ends on 02/25/2018

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EBay Partner Program

  • What You Can Gain:
    1. Drop-shipping. We do the work for you. We ship the merchandise for you from our warehouse to your customer.
    2. Zero inventory required. No investment needed.
    3. Generous kick-back. More profit.
    4. We help you on customer services.

    Who Can Join:
    If you, or one of your relatives or friends are currently selling on eBay, you are a good candidate.

    What You Need:
    Only one requirement: Know to sell on eBay.

    What If I Am a Beginner on EBay:
    If you are committed to sell on eBay, you can start with small items, such as servos. There are plenty of instruction materials on how to sell on eBay. After you gain 50 feedbacks, you can come back to apply for the program.
    If you are not committed, please don't start.

    How To Start:
    Please fill out the following form and submit. We will contact you.