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Goldwing ARF Slick 540 35CC 76''/1930mm RC Airplane B

Goldwing ARF Slick 540 35CC 76''/1930mm RC Airplane B

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$439.00 $339.97

Product Description

This new V2 version of SLICK540 has the following improvements from previous versions:
1.Control services is larger than V1 version. Up to 50 degrees of throw on all control surfaces. Best for more vibrant aerobatic flight.
2.Improved wheels with more durable materials, and filled with rubber.
3.Using high quality cap head screws.
4.Improved ball link assembly.
5. Improved new Axle.the material of Axle is stainless steel .
6. Improved new Dual Fiberglass horn assembly
7. Larger rubber wheels diameter than 30CC.30CC is 3in,and 35CC is 3.25in.
8. Flat nylon hinges for better flying strength
9. Include Side Force Generator’s(SFG)
10. This V2 new design with a longer fuselage moment arm aids the tracking of the model, giving it rock sold precision flight. Making it perfect for modern day flight schedules for IMAC and Freestyle competitions.

WING SPAN:76"(1930mm)
LENGTH: 74"(1880mm)
WING AREA:1206sq in(77.8sq dm)
FLYING WEIGHT:11-12.5lbs(5000-5700g)
Gas: 30CC-40CC Gas DLE30 DLE35RA

Electric Setup Recommended:
DUSKY XM6360EA-12 with 12S 3300-4400mAh 21x10 prop
Or other 2600-3000Watt electric motor

Newly designed structure
Two pieces removable wings & stabs
PVC canopy

• Larger aileron and elevator design for excellent 3D aerobatic flying:

• Removable rudder:

• Includes Side Force Generators(SFG):

• Quick release canopy latch:

• Canopy extended into cowl:

• Full length Tuned pipe tunnel designed into fuselage:

• Fiberglass Long servo arms included:

• Servo extension safety connector clips:

• High performance cap head bolts:

• Flat nylon hinges for increased strength:

• High quality 2.5mm ball links assembly:

• New dual fiberglass horn assembly:

• Carbon fiber tail wheel assembly:

• Larger durable rubber wheels diameter than 30CC(30CC is 3in.35CC is 3.25in):

• Improved new Axles (the material of the Axle is stainless steel ):

• Carbon fiber wing tube:

• Carbon fiber stab tube: