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Goldwing ARF-Brand Slick 77'' Extreme Series Aerobatic Electric RC Plane C Carbon Version

Goldwing ARF-Brand Slick 77'' Extreme Series Aerobatic Electric RC Plane C Carbon Version

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$500.00 $399.97

Product Description

This is the 77in SLICK540 35CC & 170E, Extreme Series from Goldwing (ARF-Brand), which is a premium product line of electric & gas RC airplanes designed for unlimited 3D performance. The new 77in SLICK540 35CC & 170E adopts cutting edge aerodynamic features, such as streamlined canopy, aileron counterbalance, removable side force generators (SFGs) .The 77in SLICK540 is also loaded with high-end accessories including CF landing gear, tail wheel assembly and control horns. KUZA brand CNC Aluminium Backplate Hollowed-out Spinner is included as bonus (limited quantities) for 170E version. And KUZA new 410cc fuel Tank is included for 35CC version.

WING SPAN:77"(1955mm)
LENGTH: 74"(1880mm)
WING AREA:1206sq in(77.8sq dm)
FLYING WEIGHT: 11-12.5lbs(5000-5700g)

Electric Power:
DUSKY XM6360EA-12 with 12S 3300-4400mAh 21x10 prop
Or other 2600-3000Watt electric motor
Two pieces removable wings & stabs
Servo extension safety connector clips
High performance cap head bolts
Improved new stainless steel Axles
Honeycomb board carton packing for safer transportation

 Special Features:

  • Adjustable pushrods for easy fine tuning(Includes wrench)




  • Larger aileron and elevator design for excellent 3D aerobatic flying



  • Removable rudder


  • Includes Side Force Generators(SFG)




  • Two Quick release canopy latch


        Canopy extended into cowl


        Flat nylon hinges for increased strength




  • High quality 2.5mm ball links assembly


  • New dual fiberglass horn assembly



  • Carbon fiber tail wheel assembly


  • Larger durable rubber wheels diameter than 30CC(30CC is 3in.35CC is 3.25in)



  • Carbon fiber landing gear                                           


  • Carbon fiber wing tube.


  • Carbon fiber stab tube.


  • Including POM & ALU motor washers for 170E version



  • KUZA new 410cc(14oz) larger volume Fuel Tank with alloy tank cap for 35CC version






  • Alloy Backplate Hollowed-out Electric Spinner included for 170E version (Excellent cooling effect for brushless motor)




Scheme A  Yellow /white/ /black





Scheme C    White /blue /yellow





Scheme D    White/red /blue