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Goldwing ARF-Brand SBach 120E 73'' Carbon Fiber Electric Aerobatic RC Plane C

Goldwing ARF-Brand SBach 120E 73'' Carbon Fiber Electric Aerobatic RC Plane C

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Product Description

Goldwing ARF-Brandproudly presents 73in SBACH342 30CC&120E , Extreme Series ,which is premium product line of electric & gas RC airplanes designed for unlimited 3D performance. The new 73in SBACH342 30CC&120E adopts cutting edge aerodynamic features,such as streamlined canopy, aileron counterbalance, removable side force generatores(SFGs).The 73in SBACH342 is also loaded with high-ed accessories including CF landing gear,tail wheel assembly and control horns.

WING SPAN:73" (1860mm)
LENGTH:Including spinner 68" (1730mm)
WING AREA:1025sq in (66.1sq dm)
FLYING WEIGHT:9.3-10.1lbs(4200-4600g)
ELECTRIC POWER:1900-2200Watt electric motor
ESC: 80-100A

Side force generators

Two latch quick release canopy

Full length tuned pipe tunnel designed into fuselage

New dual fiberglass born assembly

New carbon fiber tail wheel assembly

Improved new stainless steel axles

Carbon Fiber landing gear

Canopy hatch pins are made of nylon rods for better resistance aganist vibration

Alloy Backplate Hollowed-out Electric Spinner included for 120E version( Excellent cooling effect for brushless motor)

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