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Esky Honey King 2 Electric RC Helicopter Ready-to-Fly

Esky Honey King 2 Electric RC Helicopter Ready-to-Fly

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$149.88 $119.92

Product Description

  • Full 6-Channel Helicopter and Radio Control
  • **3D Aerobatics. Capable of inverted flight!**
  • Incredible Flight Performance. Please Watch the Video
  • Complete Set (Helicopter + Radio Control + LiPo Battery + Charger)
  • + A Micro Allen Wrench (FREE AS BONUS)
  • + a Training Kit (FREE AS BONUS. Necessary for beginners.)
  • + General Flight Manual (FREE  AS BONUS. Available Only From Us)
  • + Alligator connector for the Charger to Be Used on the Car Battery
  • + High Output Wall Adaptor
  • +8 AA Batteries
  • Helicopter is already assembled.
  • You can Fly It Now.   
  • With the Alligator Connector (included), you can charge the battery on the car battery. So you can fly it all day long in the park, campsite, or wherever you like.
  • With high output wall adaptor (included), the LiPo battery can be charged faster.
    Excellent helicopter for both beginners and experienced pilots.

Belt-Driver Tail Rotor

Esky Professional Gyro

Super Magnetic Motor

Strong Metal Landing Skid

Esky 20A ESC

Esky Professional Gyro

Strong Metal Tail Boom

Training Kit (Free From Us)

  • Main rotor diameter:  24''
  • Tail rotor diameter:  5.5''
  • Overall length:  23''
  • Overall height:  9''
  • Flight Weight: 16 oz  (battery included)
  • Motor gear:9T 
  • Main drive gear:140T  
  • Drive gear rate:9:140T  
  • Driven system: 370 Super Magnet Motor and 20A Brush ESC
  • Battery: 11.1V/1000mAh LiPo
  • Servo: 4 x 9g,1.3kg/CM,0.13s/60.
  • Control mode: CCPM system.
  • Transmitter: 6-channel CCPM system.
  • Mix controller: 4 in 1 controller (with gyro,mixer,ESC, and receiver).
  • Complete Kit. Ready-to-fly.

  • Upgraded 3D airframe structure.
  • Durable belt-driving rear rotor.
  • High precision main rotor head design
  • CCPM (Collective Cyclic Pitch Mixing) system
  • Auto-Rotation system
  • ESky professional gyro
  • Newly designed holders for electronics components and battery.
  • Super powerful 450 Brushless Motor and 25A ESC.
  • Improved radio system. Perfect for 3D flight.
  • auto-Rotation System with high-precision one-way shaft bearing can protect safe landing effectively.
Items Included:
  • Pre-assembled 6-Channel Esky Honey Bee King 2 CCPM Helicopter
    - 4 x 9 g servo.
    - 6-channel Receiver: EK2-0420A.
    - Esky Professional gyro EK2-0704 . 
    - 370 Carbon Brush Motor.
    - 1 Pair of Crystals . 
    - Main blade.
    - Tail blade.
  • 6-channel Transmitter: EK2-0406A.
  • 1000mAh/11.1V LiPo battery
  • Special LiPo charger that can greatly increase the life of the LiPo battery  (FREE).
  • High output wall adaptor (FREE)
  • Alligator connector for the Charger to Be Used on the Car Battery (FREE)
  • A Micro Allen Wrench (FREE).
  • Manufacturer's manual (FREE).
  • General Flight Manual. Necessary for beginners. Available ONLY from us (FREE).
  • Training Kit (FREE. Necessary for beginners.).

Spare Parts

EK1-0564, Belt EK1-0564, Belt $4.38
Sold Out
EK1-0568, Canopy (Yellow) EK1-0568, Canopy (Yellow) $7.68
Sold Out