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Dynam Rapid 25''/635mm Aerobatic 3D RC Plane PNP

Dynam Rapid 25''/635mm Aerobatic 3D RC Plane PNP

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Product Description

This is a 25'' wingspan aerobatic 3D plane from Dynam. This little plane is extremely fast with the 11.1v power system. The 1500KV brushless motor propels this plane to impressive speeds and yields quick and agile characteristics. We had to dial down the controls because of how sensitive this plane is to inputs. Rolls, loops, snaps and knife edges can be performed effortlessly thanks to the sport profile of the plane. Dynam constructed this entire plane out of EPO foam to give it light and resilient properties. An 18amp speed controller supports the power system and the almost ready to fly version allows the builder to use their own radio system for maximum flexibility of programming the controls to fit your flying style.

Take this plane to your local park or field and tear it up with aerobatic and 3d maneuvers. Setup balloons and have an awesome race with your mates!

Wingspan: 635mm(25in)
Overall Length: 627.5mm(24.7in)
Wing Loading: 40.7g/dm2
Servo: 3.7g x4pcs
Speed Controller: 18A Brushless
Motor Size: BM2313 KV1500 Brushless Outrunner
Flying Weight: 330g(11.7oz)

Required but not included:
11.1V 800mAh Li-Po 25C Lipo battery
3 cell Lipo Charger
Avionic RCB6i transmitter